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Revolutionize the way the DJs, event professionals, creators, artists, and influencers interact with the world to make them more productive and successful. 



Our vision is to provide every member of the WeMix community social and economic opportunities.

ing has been a passion of mine for the past 24 years. WeMix is a culmination of an idea I had of forming a DJ company in 2006. Taking my now 24 years experience entrepreneurial endeavors   
Genesis Alejandro was born and raised in San Francisco. His mother was a drummer into soul, R&B and rock. Father was music enthusiast in all types of music but especially Rock and roll. So he had a deep appreciation for music. He was introduced to DJing at the age of 14 by his JROTC Boys drill team peers who also had a mobile DJ crew call Audio N Ecstasy at Balboa High School. Growing up in the Visitacion Valley Sunnydale area of San Francisco he had a love for Hip-Hop DJing, breakdancing and rapping. His mother was a drummer and father was music enthusiast. When all his peers graduated as they were all upperclassmen he continued his craft getting his other friends into DJing forming their group 4-Play. As they didn't have equipment at first they started mixing with two tabletop stereo systems. When he got his first real job Genesis saved it to buy his first set of Technics at World of Stereo II on Market street in SF. From there he did some turntablist project with the Yerba Buena Center For the Arts where he previously had an art internship with. He did other turntablist project including DJing for the Pearl Ubengen dance group performances. In his twenties he DJed around various San Francisco clubs and mobile gigs. He continued on . In 2007 he formed his DJ company WeMix LLC. He invented the FonoFader device. 

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