One of the purposes of WeMix is to not only help DJs promote and grow their careers as a professional DJ, but the music and artists they play and .

Any uploads which do not adhere to our purpose and policies are taken seriously.

We have restrictions to the type of music files you can upload to WeMix.

All files being uploaded are reviewed by our moderators. If your upload does not meet the requirements below, the file will be removed from our system, even without warning. If you abuse our policy, you will be banned from using WeMix.


·         File content must be in the form of a DJ mix or mixtape.

·         Do not upload any single songs or a playlist of entire songs as one file. Please support these artist and labels by purchasing their music.

·         Do not upload DJ mixes or mixtapes which are available for purchase. Please support these DJs by purchasing their mixes and mixtapes.

·         Do not upload a mix if beat-matching and creative transitions are not apparent.

·         Do not upload a mix if each song in your mix is played practically in its entirety (the rule of thumb is don't play each song on average for more than 4 minutes!)

·         Do not upload a mix if you are not the originating DJ or you do not have permission from the originating DJ.

·         File must be 200MB or less (however, you have unlimited upload storage).

·         File must be in .MP3 format.

Please adhere to our Upload Policy and support the . Abuse or violations of our policies will result in a banning from the WeMix site.

WeMix has the right to remove any mix uploaded to our site which infringes on possible copyright issues including: type of content, duration of song or other legal reasons.

For related information, please read our Privacy Policy.


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